Larten Crepsley by Darren Shan (written by Alexis)

Larten Crepsley
(Palace Of The Damned)
By: Darren Shan

One of the characters are Larten Crepsley, is a Vampire and he’s crabby and serious. Alicia is the most funny and beautiful human in the world. Oh and don’t forget this cute little kid Gavner, hes a energetic little boy.
Larten cant wait to see the women he loves. But first what is he going to do with this baby he saved. And how is he going to get out of this cold freezing place.
Anyway when he gets to Paris he knows there’s an Vampirenez and those purple, skinned, vampires are bad news when they suck the blood they kill there food, and they will kill anything in there way. So find out whats going to happen in The Saga of Larten Crepsley the Palace Of The Damned.
I liked this Author because he explains things well and tells us how they turned into a Vampire. Also tells s how they live and what they eat like bat broth.
I loved this book because I love reading about vampires and Monsters and things. Oh and If you don’t like reading about these things well then this is not a good book for you.
If I had to rate this book it would be a 1 because it a great magical story about vampires. I hope you look for it.

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